We LOVE beauty in all its different forms! Our services celebrate everyone’s unique beauty and that’s why we tailored our menu to accommodate everyone’s differences. Whether your want a more natural look, or more glam, we have something that works for YOU.

Service Menu: 

  • Lash Extensions (Classic / Hybrid / Volume / Mega Volume)
  • Lash Lifts / Tint
  • Teeth Whitening (in studio coming soon!)
  • Teeth Whitening Home Kits in shop
  • Spray Tans (in studio coming soon!)
  • Self Tanning (options in shop)
  • Make up Application  
  • Make up in shop (Maskcara retailer)

Lash Extensions 

Lash, lash extensions, false lashes,

Lash extensions are a wonderful thing! If your like me, leaving home without mascara might make you feel a little naked. Mascara has become a necessity in the makeup world, which is why lash extensions are so popular! 

When you think about mascara, you most likely think of a Covergirl commercial. There are so many types of mascara that give you different results. Natural, bold or extravagant length added to your natural lash. I want you to think of lash extensions in the same way, except add a dash of convenience and luxury! WOW! Now that is a combo! Great looking lashes that are conveniently always there?! Where we can wake up and skip majority of our makeup routine?! Sign me up! Well no.... let’s sign YOU up! 

Lashes are uniquely placed on individual’s natural lashes to achieve the desired look. For example, a natural look would require your lashes be extended but not added to width wise. For those who like to layer their mascara, volume is the way to go, as that is adding more than one lash to your natural lash. Mega volume is for you superstars out there who like the beautiful bold look! Go to the “Book Now” page to read a descriptive overview on the different types of lash sets you can get.

 Teeth Whitening